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“A Single Point of Focus”

January 29, 2021


The decade of the 60’s and 70’s represent a pinnacle of American Muscle car manufacturing and included models with names such as: Mustang, ‘Vette, ‘Cuda, Road Runner, and GTO. There’s a small car company in Washington State hoping to restore prestige to American automobiles, SSC. They recently completed official track testing on their model “Tautara” and have been crowned as the fastest production car company ever with a verified two run average of almost 283 miles per hour. This has been billed as just a start and the manufacturer is quietly suggesting that over 300MPH is within their grasp. 

Think for a moment about all the logistics involved with a feat like this. There aren’t many places where you can legally, or physically, drive a car at that speed. How do you time that and then how do you verify the accuracy of the timing – SSC used several different timing systems to verify the speed. Who’s brave enough to strap into a super car producing over 1,500 horsepower and drive it at the very top of its engineering limits. It turns out there’s a lot of people who are willing to come together to achieve this certification as the fastest production car in the world. Although some supercar experts indicate that a record like this will not stand for long, SSC was willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it happen. 

Now imagine if we were that focused on something that would make a difference for eternity. What if we could take that same level of intensity and apply it to our devotion to making disciples? An attitude where we spared no expense and worked around every obstacle in the way. It would be all we talked about and all we thought about. It would make us study to see what how we could be more effective in what we say and do. If this was our entire pursuit our life would closely resemble Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23. Will you join me in this pursuit? The cars might not be as speedy but the end result has a much larger benefit. Let us be single minded in taking the news of reconciliation to our friends and family. 

Pastor Dave

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