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Elvis has left the building?

December 9, 2016

Today, the political and media establishment will do a lot of soul searching, algorithm restructuring, and perfecting of their “we never saw this coming” apology. As I write this, many of us are basking in the glow of an unexpected political victory overnight, while the rest of us are fairly certain that the horror movies we used to watch have nothing on this nightmare. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you’ve planted yourself, we realize that America will never be the same. Perhaps we could say, “America has left the building.” This thought causes some to celebrate the making of a great America, while others will bow their head in despair.

Let me encourage you with Paul’s words regarding our responsibility to the government. Romans 13 gives us some timeless principles, regardless of which party defines the ruling class. First, remember that God sets up and takes down rulers as He wishes and there is a great warning for those who resist “… the ordinance of God” (v. 1-2). Secondly, remember that we are expected to live a life that doesn’t bring condemnation on us (v. 3-7). This includes participating in taxes, respect, and honor. If you’ve read this column before, you know that I’ve said these things irrespective of the party affiliation holding the mantle of leadership.

I understand that for some of us, enacting the preceding actions will be difficult when you consider the person on the receiving end of our accolades. Remember that as Paul pens these words, Nero is reigning as emperor. So Paul doesn’t offer some high-level thoughts without action attached. He had to live his message. Romans 13:5 reminds us that we do not only live like this because of the negative consequences, but also because it’s the right thing to do (conscience in this context is equal to a confidence in God). Allow God’s Word to direct your actions concerning the president and president elect. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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