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Grace Chapel, Pampanga, Philippines

March 5, 2017

Grace Chapel, Pampanga, Philippines

Hillcrest is raising funds to help build a church in a provincial area outside of Manila. There are five public high schools and over 100,000 people within walking distance of Grace Chapel and it could easily reach 1,000 Philippine people with the life-changing message of the gospel each week. The project will be comprised of a “Gymatorium” with two NCAA regulation sized basketball courts. (A Gymatorium is a roofed building with open sides which can be used year around.) This will serve as a multi-use ministry center during the week and the church’s meeting area on Sundays and Wednesdays.

I am praying that HBC will raise $15,000 for this project. We are partnering with Compassion Builders International who will secure the additional funds need for completion. There will be a special offering for this project on March 12th. I announced last week that there is someone in the church who will match each dollar we raise for this project. I’m truly humbled that God has given us that much of a head start. Will you pray about giving to this project?

Perhaps you are wondering “Why” we would do this. First, this type of project dovetails perfectly with our vision to “Reach Globally”. The Philippines are nearly half way around the world and Grace Chapel will impact people and families that we will never know until eternity. In doing this, we are faithful to the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. Secondly, my goal is to increase our personal missions engagement in this project. My hope is that we will take some of our HBC members to this church and minister along side Pastor Chris Nicodemus and his people. You will never be the same after your first mission trip. I don’t know anyone who has ever regretted going.

Pastor Dave.

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