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I’m full

December 8, 2016

Have you ever considered that almost any question about your family thanksgiving can be answered with “I ate too much”? Ask your coworker “How was your thanksgiving” and they usually reply, “I ate too much”. Ask “did you like the way Sandy prepared the turkey” and the answer is “I ate …” We all know that feeling though. You feel like you can’t eat another bite and suddenly grandma says, “Who wants a piece of pecan pie.” And like a moth drawn to the flame you agree to see how much more you can ingest before you have to give up.

I feel like that this week. I’m not physically full, but my heart is full. A couple of things recently have reminded me of God’s faithfulness and I need to share these with you.

  • Two young men who attend our AWANA program accepted Jesus last week. They were invited by a “Hillcrester” and Jeff Underwood was explaining what the Bible said about salvation, and they got it. I can’t imagine the celebration in Heaven because what had been lost is now found (Luke 15:1-7, 11-32).
  • My heart is full because of your generosity on behalf of HBC. The “Old Fashioned Christmas Eve’ is coming together nicely and I have heard the excitement from many of you. Last week’s weather really put a damper on our attendance but you gave sacrificially and almost $1,000 came in for the event. We have also had many of you step up to volunteer to make a “figgy pudding”, even though few of us have ever eaten it. We need a lot of pudding and other desserts to pull this off. Please sign up in the foyer so we know what to expect. We will also need lots of help during the event.

Thank you for being a great church. We have some really good days in our near future. Let’s be consistent in living biblically, worshipping passionately, praying fervently, and reaching globally. When we do this, we will never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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