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“I Almost Cried”

June 23, 2017

This statement was made to me in the midst of a fairly routine conversation and took me by surprise. The item being described is commonly noted for its magnificent beauty and charm, but to be so impressed that it almost elicited that level of response really struck me. Partly because my raising afforded little appreciation for crying and secondly, it’s been some time since I’ve been impressed enough to offer tears of appreciation. As I sat and contemplated, a couple of questions raced through my mind. “Have I built up that much cynicism that very little can reach my emotional... View Article

The Best Father’s Day Gift

June 17, 2017

That was easy. A Google search for “The Best Father’s Day Gift” returned over 6 million solutions, narrowing it down pretty quick! This weekend celebration turns to all things dad. The hardware store has a selection of grills on sale and the anchor store at the mall has great deals on rugged watches and colognes. These stores are hoping your feeling of love, appreciation, or guilt will compel you to purchase larger items to express your feelings. While you might not have the time to peruse all 6 million websites, most Americans still feel a pressing desire to get dad... View Article

Wonder Woman’s Theology

June 9, 2017

I know exactly when it happened. I was in seminary and a professor required us to watch a movie and “interact” with the characters about their prejudices and worldview. (The arguing is easy when the character’s honor can’t be defended.) Throughout the class, this movie interaction exercise was frequent and my family will argue that I’m not near as fun at movies anymore. I don’t know if my Prof intended us to utilize this discipline after the class, but I have been unable to disconnect. As my family and I watched the latest installment of a comic book “hero” (in... View Article

Commitment or Fulfillment

June 2, 2017

Which is more important in a relationship – commitment or fulfillment? Although it’s nice when both ingredients are present, past history tells us there are times when that utopia isn’t available. So which is it? Would you agree it depends on your point of view? We want our relationships to offer us fulfillment but also realize a big part of that is found in commitment. It works well when our friends are committed to us and we reap a benefit. Issues arise when the desire for fulfillment trumps the required foundation of commitment. Every relationship moves through seasons where doldrums... View Article

Memorial Day

May 26, 2017

“I really wanted to go but they wouldn’t let me” is how Garth recalls his Vietnam War experience. This statement shocked me a little as I couldn’t recall hearing of anyone ever express a desire to serve in the jungle half way around the world. Garth had several friends a year older than him in High School who were drafted shortly after high school. When word got back that one of “the boys” had died in battle, Garth said it made him want to “go and fight”. Then the next one dies and the desire intensified. Although he was using... View Article

It’s all in the perspective

May 20, 2017

“It’s enough to make one lose faith in God.” Do you know who said that? Think about the quote before you read on. Maybe you have felt that way or someone you know has uttered those words. It appears to come from a place of great despair and spiritual bleakness. As I read it, I felt sorry for the author and wished I could intervene. Until I saw that it was sent from a military stronghold in Berlin known as “The Fuhrerbunker”. It was written and sent by Eva Braun in the last days of the Nazi regime. Eva was... View Article

Happy Mother’s Day

May 12, 2017

Today we celebrate all things “mom”. From sweet cards to breakfast in bed, all that we do on this day should come from a heart of gratitude for all that she does. Children are expected to work hard so mom can enjoy a day of leisure. It seems that some people have decided they will help you honor mom, for a small fee. After looking through $5-6 Mother’s day cards, the temptation is to go home and pull out the construction paper and act like your four years old again. Going to a local brunch will set you back at... View Article

Game Changer

May 6, 2017

Before the roar of the 1920’s , J. R. Robinson was born into the farming community of Cairo, Georgia. Like a lot of babies born during those years in the rural Deep South, J. R.’s parents scraped out a living by sharecropping. In this hard area, young Jack began to ply his trade. His game was baseball and his memory is forever etched into the fabric of Americana by his trade name, Jackie Robinson. To call Jackie Robinson a “Game Changer” might be an understatement. He made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers in April of 1947. Can you remember... View Article

When Discouragement Wins

April 29, 2017

Kris Bryant has made a stellar career in the Big Leagues. Winning a MVP title and helping lead the Chicago Cubs to the Promised Land will do that. What a lot of people don’t know is that my baseball career began just like his. In fact you might say that we were on the same trajectory and destined for greatness. After my second or third at bat, I was even compared to Babe Ruth. My mom reminded me again and again that The Great Bambino also struck out. A lot. (Looking back on it, maybe the comparison isn’t as flattering... View Article

Keeping On

April 21, 2017

The movie “Saving Private Ryan” came out in the late 1990’s and set the bar for realistic war movies. Many unpaid reviewers were overwhelmed by the violent depiction of war. And for soldiers that had been in battle, the movie didn’t quite capture the whole essence of battle. Scripted fights, screams, and cannons are not able to replace the chaos that happens when the enemy begins firing. Although the movie was unable to appease everyone, many people had their first taste of the underbelly of military engagement, and it wasn’t anything you wanted another helping of. A friend of mine... View Article