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Something So Insignificant

June 9, 2019

“Something so insignificant”

Today we return to our regular scheduled programming and continue our series in life lessons from the furnace. To catch you up to speed, Susie purchased a “date night” gift for me as a Christmas present in the form of a class at a glass blowing studio in Davenport. After my brief foray as a pottery prodigy, I wanted to develop my skill as an artist and leave my mark on the field of glass art. I was amazed at how many life lessons can be learned or reinforced through this process. 

The molten glass rests comfortably in a warm (2,000 degree +) oven, awaiting its turn at the artists touch. Once the glass is attached to the glass blowing tube, it undergoes a series of shaping runs on a steel bench. After the glass is centered and ready, the designer pushes one breath of air into the tube – and the glass will never be the same. It was fascinating to watch the “bubble” expand into the liquid glass. This becomes the catalyst for the glass to open up into the bowl or vase that’s intended as the end result. 

How many of us can attest to that feeling? Life is going well. We are comfortable. And suddenly one little thing upends our life in a way that we weren’t prepared for. And then we struggle through the next several days, weeks, or years trying to recover the normalcy that we loved so much. If this is you, find encouragement in the reminder that God is the artist making something beautiful from your life. Jeremiah 18:1-4 shows this even on a national scale. Allow your mind to consider that each of these turns can be used by God to bring about the true beauty and artistry of your life. We also know that God isn’t changed by the happenings in our life. The Psalms have many reminders of God’s superiority to any type of disturbance that shows up in life. Commit today to allowing God to shape and make your life. When you do, you’ll never regret it. 

Pastor Dave

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