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“What is Life…?”

January 31, 2020

“What is life…?”

In the current climate of political division, election year politicking, and a middle east peace plan that seems to be dead on arrival, it is easy to conclude that our country is divided by an idealogical chasm. And along comes an event which, for a moment anyways, overwhelms our collective soul and allows us to see the humanity around us. That awakening happened last Sunday morning when a helicopter went down with nine people on board. Each of the deceased represents a family torn apart by tragedy and left to heal without the love of a significant person. But the one name that made it newsworthy was that of a basketball legend who was reinventing himself after a superstar NBA Career. 

Doesn’t it seem that death is the great equalizer? It doesn’t matter if you are a wealthy athlete or a middle income assembler at the local factory, death will come calling at some time. When most of us pass away, there won’t be wall to wall TV coverage on ESPN. Famous athletes and celebrities probably won’t get on their social media platforms and gush over our accomplishments. But this doesn’t make death any less of a difficulty for our families and friends. 

Remember that life is short. James 4:13-16 makes this idea very clear with an amazing analogy. When is that last time you viewed your life the way that James talks about it? If we can grasp this principle, it will change how we live each day. Prepare for death. This is not advocating for you to walk around in “sackcloth and ashes”, but make sure you are ready for death. The first step in preparation is to make sure you are in God’s Family. According to John 14:6, what you’ve done with Jesus is the key to being ready. Do you know Jesus personally? Does He know you? You don’t know the day or time of your death, this is why its important to prepare. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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