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January 1, 2021

“Banished from 2021”

An article with a unique title caught my eye this past week – “University releases annual ‘banished words’ list for 2021.” When you read those words, you have to dig further to find out what words you won’t be “allowed” to say this year. COVID-19 made the top of the list. Other words/phrases destined for the recycling bin included: Rona, unprecedented, social distancing, and we are all in this together. Although this list is new to me, it appears that Lake Superior State University has been hopefully presenting this concept for several years.

As I contemplated this idea of banishing items from the New Year, I began to think of the possibilities. How nice would it be if we could just banish homelessness from our community along with hunger and crime. How many of us would love to banish our sweet tooth from making the jump to January 1? I know a lot of people who would suggest that we banish medical debt. Think of the fun you could have with this concept.

Unfortunately, we know that banishing coronavirus will do about as much good as banishing your cell phone bill. Both of them will still be waiting for you this year. But what about some things we should banish. Let me suggest 3 personal attitudes to leave in last year – Apathy, Greed, and Blindness.

Apathy is an easy attitude to overlook because it sets in slowly and we rarely realize how much it has taken over until we consciously think through it. This is often diagnosed as “I don’t care” and results in a lack of motivation or action. Be intentional about being involved in community here at Hillcrest. According to Galatians 6:2 this is an answer to apathy.

In the uncertainty of these days, some have decided that money and possessions are the surest way to security.  Luke 12:16-21 teaches the folly of this mindset with an account of a foolish young ruler. Greed is a temptation for rich and poor alike. Banish greed by trusting God for your needs (Philippians 4:19).

The last year revealed the hurt, anger, and fear a lot of people live with regularly. People you know have seriously considered alcoholism or suicide as the answers to the emptiness felt. How often do we thank God for what He has done for us and never consider that there are people close to us hurting like never before? Let’s not continue to be blind to the brokenness in our world. It’s not a problem only for those somewhere else. Let us banish our blindness and be busy bring hope to the hopeless and life to the lifeless. Engage in someone’s brokenness this year.

Pastor Dave

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