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Beauty in Duress

September 1, 2019

Beauty in duress

There’s an often repeated statement that encourages one to, “Stop and smell the roses.” It rarely is taken literally as you most often hear this when there aren’t any roses around. The reminder is an easy way to encourage a deliberate appreciation of your immediate surroundings. It’s a great reminder to slow down and consider life. 

I wasn’t ready for this reminder to grab my attention the way it did last week. As I was driving my eyes spotted a beautiful flowering plant right on the side of the road – by side of the road, I mean growing up in the crack between the main road and the shoulder. Here this plant, about twenty four inches tall, was showing off its late summer color although it was a couple of feet from any noticeable soil. One doesn’t have to be a Master Gardner to realize that all plants need soil. But this appeared to be planted in concrete and it was thriving.

There are several lessons we can take from this. You don’t have to let your circumstances determine your attitude. This plant had tapped into soil that was deeper than the eye could see. Although the area was not conducive to flower growth, it blossomed under duress. Psalm 18:2 points to a nourishment of the soul that is more than our eye can see at times. As I replayed this plant in my mind, I also considered that there were no other plants around. This beauty was all alone. In fact this is what made it more significant. When you are be in contexts that are bleak and dark, remember that the beauty of the gospel in your life should be a refreshing sight to those you work with (Hebrews 12:1-3). 

Let me encourage you to find hope and help of God in difficult times. This plant was an amazing testimony to beauty in duress. Commit to tapping deep into God’s Love and Guidance and you will understand the life giving nature of this, even when your immediate surroundings are less then ideal. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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