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January 14, 2015


That’s the expression that’s on the mind as I look out on the wind-driven winter landscape sitting outside the windows of my office. The temp is a balmy -2 and the dreaded wind chill is 22 degrees south of that. I’m especially thankful for a well functioning heating system in the office and at the house today. I’m also grateful the school system decided it was better to give children the day off rather than require them to brave these elements.

A local family afforded me the honor of remembering the life of their 48 year-old brother and friend this week. As we gathered outside in a blustery wind, we tried to find hope in the difficulty of life. The man we were remembering didn’t have an easy path. However, even in spite of some very difficult circumstances, he chose to be happy. He found it was the best way to do life.

Consider your choices. Are the choices you’re making helping to grow a Christ like attitude in your life? Do you choose to focus on the “… good and acceptable and perfect will of God?” (Romans 12:2) This is the response of a heart wholly committed to Christ in Romans 12:1. How often does it seem we choose to focus on the negative? The things I want but aren’t good for me. The times we’ve been wronged or hurt. The times it seemed God was silent or distant. (Even King David wrestled with this. Psalm 13 is a great place to see his heart). Our choices play a large role in determining our future. How about it, what choices will you make? When you make the choice to focus on the right things, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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