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Holy Week

April 14, 2017

The Week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday is commonly referred to as Holy Week. On the “Christian Calendar” there are many activities that point back to the final week of Jesus’ incarnation and life as a man. It’s amazing how quickly the crowd changed its tune when Jesus didn’t kick the Romans out of town. The cry of the people went from “Hosanna” [Salvation has come], to crucify him in less than a week. There is quite a bit of intrigue and politics going on between the Roman and Jewish leaders. The religious elite could hardly stand to look at Jesus and they were pushing for His execution.

In the midst of this back and forth stands Jesus, the perfect One sent to be our sacrifice. This Jesus is Who we celebrate at Easter. Although the evidence was on His side, he was still convicted. The leaders of the Jewish religion cared little that the trials violated standing law. The change He was bringing to the religious ritual threatened their power and control over the masses. He was on a mission to offer forgiveness and hope to all of mankind.

A friend of mine recently invited all of his Facebook friends to church for Easter and included a comment about discovering the true hope of Easter. If you’ve grown up in church, you probably know that points to this Jesus. But what if someone asked you why Jesus is this hope. Would you know how to answer them? Jesus is the hope of the world because He mediates between God and us. He is hope because His sacrifice is what gives us lasting forgiveness from our continued shortcomings. Our hope is based on His victory over sin, death, and the grave. When we say Jesus is our Hope, it’s more than just words. He is the only hope we have for eternal life. Take time to thank God for the Hope offered through Jesus Christ. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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