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“I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff…”

August 11, 2019

The friendly weatherman boldly predicted that an intense line of rain and wind was expected to hit in the early morning hours of Tuesday – and like clockwork the storm arrived with enough wind, lightning, and thunder to roust almost everyone. As I waited the storm out I wondered if this was how the three little pigs felt when the faced some intense “huffing and puffing.” It was a great time when the storm subsided and the house was still standing. 

   This offers us a chance to consider how ready we are to handle some significant personal storms. Even though the knowledgeable meteorologist catches heat for not being right every time, how many of us wish we could have someone giving us personal warnings about turbulent times ahead. Who wouldn’t like to know that in three weeks our world was going to turn upside down due to tragedy? Or that in four months a relative would do us wrong? I have written in the past on the blessing that not knowing is. Trusting that God is enough for each day is part of growing in spiritual maturity and sanctification. 

“Be Prepared” is the infamous Boy Scout motto of old and also the best way to survive a life event which seeks to unseat you. This requires an appreciation to the fragility of life (Job 14:1). We don’t live in fear of what might happen, but with an understanding that life and health aren’t guaranteed. We don’t resign ourselves to fatalism but live with an ever growing conviction that God is already in the tomorrow and doesn’t forget His Own. 

A wise man that my wife knew when she was growing up was known to ask “Are you prayed up?” Clayton would use this as a question when his friends were going through hard times. Too often we underestimate the power and effectiveness of prayer. Just because God doesn’t drop $100 thousand in your lap doesn’t mean He isn’t able to do great things. A life founded on a discipline of prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17) is where each of us should desire to be. 

There will be times that life resembles the Big Bad Wolf in that well-rehearsed children’s story. It will huff and puff and try to destroy normalcy as you know it. Commit today to prepare for the storm. Be prepared and prayed up. When you do, you’ll never regret it. 

Pastor Dave

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