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“It gives life meaning”

May 11, 2018


One of my professors in seminary would assign movie critiques and reviews as a way of requiring theology students to interact with modern culture. When this was discussed as we went through the course syllabus, I was excited that I could watch a movie, write a report, and get graduate level credit. My excitement was tempered when the grading rubric required real interaction with differing world views and biases presented in the film. To this day I struggle to just relax and enjoy a movie. I usually get hung up on a statement or a situation that requires me to work through it.

I was recently rewatching a movie I had seen a year or so ago and a quick line grabbed my attention. A spiritual person who served as an authority figure said, “Death is what gives life meaning.” Stop here for a minute or two and consider the ramifications of that. … Welcome back. What do you think? Do you agree of disagree? Can you figure out some scenarios where that might be right? Wrong? 

Taking a hard stance on a movie quote from a fictional character in a fictional setting is not my intention, but there are some truths we can ponder. Realize that our own impending death requires us to be intentional about getting things done. What pressure would there be to accomplish “bucket list” items if we had forever to check them off? Why have the hard conversations with someone you love if you have two to three hundred years? The reality of death reduces our natural tendency for procrastination. Death helps is to cherish the good times in life. We’ve all been overwhelmed by memories of a beloved grandparent or friend who are no longer living. Their absence fans a flame which brings warmth to our heart. 

There is a place where death does give life meaning. When Jesus Christ dies in our place, His death gives our life purpose and meaning. Paul captures this in Romans 1:14-16. If you are a Christ follower, you are acquainted with the meaning of life. Remind yourself that His death provides your purpose. Now take that encouragement to others in your world. They need to hear it and you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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