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“It’s Not over until it is”

February 9, 2017

Last Sunday Evening, Fox aired the biggest spectacle on the sport’s calendar. The game featured a matchup between that Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots that has been dubbed the greatest football game ever played. The favored Patriots spotted their opponents a 25-point lead before they began to make their move. How many of us shook our heads as the momentum had shifted so forcefully that all Atlanta could do was hang their helmets in bewilderment. I know that a lot of New England fans were hopeful that they could secure the title, but I’m fairly certain that with the way Atlanta started the game, even some of the faithful found themselves doubting.

I find an interesting parallel between the game and our life. Even though the Patriots were the odds on favorite and their experience is unrivaled, it only took some of us 30 minutes of game time to doubt their ability. A few minutes of difficulty overshadowed a season of triumph. Consider with me how long it takes for us to give up on God when things aren’t going our way? We deal with a coworker who is making our life miserable for a couple of weeks and we begin to think that God doesn’t care. We pray for a month that God will lead our children and we give up when they don’t make the choices we’d make. We forget that God is never changing (Numbers 23:19, Hebrews 13:8) and begin to question His ability.

Let me encourage you to find hope in the majesty of God. Just because He doesn’t work on our time doesn’t mean He isn’t working. The damaging choices of a friend or relative have no bearing on your standing before Him. Instead of being upset that they haven’t chosen your way, rejoice that there is still time for them to choose the right way. God is long suffering with them, and us. Find encouragement today that “it’s not over until it is”. When you remind yourself that God is still working, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave.

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