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Never Alone

October 18, 2020


I attended a pastor’s conference last week and heard a speaker present some sad data on emotional distress and loneliness which is leading to an increase in suicide. The fallout from the pandemic surely has heightened these feelings and has served to further isolate us from each other. It has taken considerably more effort to gather with friend groups this year than in previous years due to restrictions on how many people can gather and how close you can sit when together. If you are feeling alone, nervous, or anxious, please know that you are not forgotten. 

1 Peter 5:6-7 are well known and well loved verses. Open your Bible and let the truth of these verses encourage your soul. Meditate for a minute or two on the hope found specifically in verse 7. The picture of handing the heaviness of situations and problems over to an All Loving God should soften even the most fearful of hearts. There aren’t any concerns too large for God’s wondrous love and knowledge of His children.

Did you notice the Cause and Effect? There’s a logical basis which undergirds our trust in His ability – The fact that He Cares for us. Remember when you were in High School and you didn’t want to tell “that person” your feelings for them until you know if they liked you the same way. Even a sixteen year old dreads the embarrassment of thinking someone likes you way more than they really do. Our ability to find peace and assurance in God rests on His mercy which is shown to us. 1 John 4:19 declares that the benevolence of God is demonstrated to us even before we are able to offer it back. 

If you are feeling alone, remind yourself of God’s care and concern for you. It is what the Bible reveals. I suggest a prayer with words such as, “Dear God, today I am feeling lonely. I know that your Word has promised that I’m not. Will you please remind me today that you are always with me, even if I feel differently.” Find your comfort in God, because He cares for you.

Pastor Dave

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