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March 16, 2017

“No Fake News”

Although it’s fairly early in 2017 yet, I’m guessing “Fake News” might make a run to be the word(s) of the year. Rarely a day goes by that this moniker doesn’t get some airplay. If it’s not an accusation used against a specific brand or network, then some other network is trying to defend itself from being labeled as such. One political persuasion uses it as proof of presidential incompetence. The other “side” sees it as comeuppance against an entity, which has been privileged by years of people fearful of upsetting the machine.

During some personal reading through Amos, I was drawn into an interesting account in the middle of Chapter 7. Beginning in verse 10, the priest in Bethel complains to King Jeroboam about Amos’ words. The New King James Version translates his complaint as, “The land is not able to bear all his words” (Amos 7:10) These words distressed the king and he told Amos to leave and do his prophesying somewhere else (v. 12). As I pondered this happening in real time, I wondered if the term fake news was going to come up in the conversation. Amos could’ve leveled that charge at Amaziah; or perhaps the king might have told Amos that his perception and news wasn’t tethered to reality. Amos leaves the king’s presence with a stern warning that I’m certain the king was hoping was fake (v. 14-17).

Aren’t you glad God isn’t in the “Fake News” Business? Amos was so certain that what God said was right that he didn’t back down, even when that might have been the recommended path. Remember that God doesn’t deal in false and fakes. What He says He means; What He promises, He will do. As a previous generation used to say “You can take that to the bank.” God is truth and therefore He is Immovable and Infallible. Set your life on this truth today. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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