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On Being Super

February 2, 2018

On Being Super

The word “Super” has developed quite a reputation in our day. Think about how many terms include the word in them: Super Man, Super Hero’s, Super food, Super computer, Super Mario, and the big on this weekend, The Super Bowl. It’s almost as if the word by itself lends credence and weight to anything it is attached to. Would there be any less viewers if today’s big game was simply entitled “The Bowl”?

With so many things claiming to be super, do you ever stop to consider if who you are or what you are doing can be defined this way? Here are some areas to consider in your evaluation. Are you being a super neighbor? This is a very easy way to build bridges with people you might not have any other way of meeting. It’s true that some of you live by people who are difficult to be nice to, but these are built in connecting points for you. Are you being a super friend? We considered this question in a recent morning service. What does a “super friend” look like? One that loves even in the hard times, but also one that speaks truth into the relationship. A friend like this cares more for our person than just keeping peace even when our actions are detrimental. A friend like this is there in the hard times and the fun times.

Can you use the same word to describe God? Although the word “super” is not found in The Bible, “great” is an adequate replacement. Several verses point to God’s Greatness – His Nature (Deuteronomy 10:17) and His Love (2 Chronicles 1:8) are described in these terms. Let me challenge you to meditate on God’s Greatness. It will change you and you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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