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Something so rare

January 22, 2021

There was a noticeable excitement recently when some unusual things aligned and made the infamous Aurora Borealis, also known as The Northern Lights, visible farther south than usual. Speculation was that if everything was perfect, they would be faintly visible as close to us as northern Iowa. The rarity of this made for great anticipation. This past week, our country witnessed something just as rare – a peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another. Research has indicated that although this exercise is a foundational aspect of the democratic/republic style of government, most people who’ve ever lived have never experienced this in their native land. 

While the governing documents of our country afford us many freedoms and opportunities, there is a great responsibility we have as Christ Followers. The Bible clearly speaks to our role in the civic life of the land we call home. Here are three ideas we must put into practice in our daily routines. Pray, Practice, and Persevere.

It is really easy to pray for things and people we like. And in our current political climate, finding things and people to like can prove difficult. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 is a clear call for our hearts to be given to prayer for those in authority. Before one begins to offer up workarounds to Paul’s words, consider who The Authority was in the late First Century – Nero. Undoubtedly there have been some doozies in authority here in the USA, and there will be plenty more as long as the Lord delays His return, but few will rise to a serious comparison to Nero. Let us be faithful in prayer for those in authority. 

If praying isn’t a difficulty, let me add some weight to your shoulders. The Prayer we offer must exhibit itself in actions. Notice the clear teaching of Paul in Romans 13. Our deeds will reveal what our heart is like. And Paul reminds us to submit to the authority that God has ordained. Let me suggest you read and mediate on Romans 13:1-2. Since we believe the Bible to be true and accurate, it has to shape our views and actions. Practice being a good citizen. 

Perhaps you have a mental countdown in your mind for how long you have to endure this governor, mayor, president, etc. An attitude like that can leave you wanting when the object of your ire and scorn gets reelected or obtains a higher position of authority. We will persevere when we remember the end we are longing for is not in this world. The author of Hebrews leans on this idea in Hebrews 13:14. The songwriter of old put it this way, “This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through…” Reminding yourself that our hearts long for the City, “… whose  builder and maker is God” (Hebrews 11:10b) helps us pray, practice, and persevere while life allows. Keep up the good work pilgrim. 

Pastor Dave

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