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“Staying Sky Aware”

July 21, 2017

The radio station weatherman sounded an ominous warning on the way to work this morning. He reiterated that the atmospheric conditions here in Eastern Iowa are volatile and all that is needed for an explosive storm is something to ignite the “fuel” in our sky. And then he put it in perspective and said, “the trigger we dread is lurking right over Nebraska.” His call was for the listeners to stay sky aware and ready to take action. The ominous clouds off on the horizon seem to back up the observations of the friendly voice on the radio.

2 Timothy 4:8 came to mind as I thought on the warning. The call on the radio was to stay “sky aware” because of what could potentially happen. Paul suggests that we stay “sky aware” because of what is assured of happening. I realize you won’t find those exact words in that verse but consider what he is teaching. Paul lived his life in a way that kept the return of Christ in a prominent position. What he did, what he said, where he went, all flowed from this expectation to see the appearance of Christ.

Are we staying sky aware? Not to avoid storms that might cause harm or damage. But sky aware in anticipation of the return of Christ? Jesus describes this return for us in Matthew 24:29-31. It will be accompanied by the sound of a trumpet, it will originate in the sky, and will be a demonstration of “… power and great glory.” Don’t worry; you won’t miss it if you forgot about it. The whole world will know about it. And the reason we stay sky aware is that we don’t know when this will happen (Matthew 24:36). The Hymn “Jesus Is Coming Again” tells us “It maybe morning, it may be noon, maybe evening, and maybe _____________.” Keeping this in mind is good for our families, our church, and community. Commit to being sky aware. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave.


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