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“That’s a Wrap”

September 8, 2017

Many here in Eastern Iowa are wondering what happened to our summer. Last weekend’s Labor Day holiday marked the unofficial end of all things tied to warmer weather, but now the temperature has decided it’s had enough and the high today may not get out of the 60’s. In Hollywood speak we could say, “That’s a Wrap” for Summer 2017.

When you look back on the best season of the year, what stands out as important? What would you do again? What will you make sure you avoid next year? A quick self-assessment will help you avoid costly and painful repeats. At Hillcrest, we set out to make this summer different. The desire was to go all in and make it the #hbcsummertoremember. Although we did not make the goal of 1,000 connections, many of you rediscovered the art and joy of engaging friends, family, and neighbors in conversations with a greater purpose in mind.

As the weather and calendar transitions to shorter days and cooler evenings, don’t forget to build on the foundations you’ve built this summer. Love your neighbors as Jesus does. With so much division and disunity coming from the political class and the media pundits, we have a great opportunity to demonstrate real Christlikeness (Matthew 25:34-39). We can model the Christ Who came and brought life and light to the darkness (John 1:4-5). Love your coworker. Pray for your neighbor. Provide for the poor. These are tangible ways to point others to the reality of a brighter future – eternal life in heaven. If you are a Christ Follower, you are glad someone cared enough about you to show God’s Love. Commit to caring enough about others that you will let your life and actions portray God’s Love. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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