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The Contrast

April 1, 2017

The word “contrast” elicits many different emotions. One of my professors in a composition class repeatedly asked us to compare and contrast various objects. She expected a very detailed contrast that covered almost every possible variable. But in other contexts, contrast is what makes life interesting. The sweetness of a cinnamon roll is tempered nicely with the robust bitterness of coffee. The cool of a fall night is the perfect complement for the warmth of a glowing fire. The old adage “opposites attract” still finds use today.

Jeremiah 17:5-8 uses contrast to draw out the truth of a deeper principle. In a traditional Hebrew meter, the wrong action is listed with its consequences followed by the right action with its consequences. The issue under consideration is our tendency to find strength in our own plans and intelligence (v. 5). This verse also shows that as we continue to trust in our own ability, our heart moves away from the Lord. As we rely more and more on the strength of men, it becomes increasingly difficult to get back to where we know we should be. And then the next verse offers up a figurative description showing the bleakness of this.

The contrast is clearly stated in the first word of verse 7. “Blessed”. From the previous description to being favored. What a beautiful and necessary contrast. The description of this type of person in verse 8 hearkens back to Psalm 1. There is a great benefit from putting our whole hope in the Lord. He created us and we can only find our ultimate satisfaction in Him. This place of peace then leads to a joy that is evident throughout our life. Commit today to finding true satisfaction in a hope that stands in contrast to others who have no hope. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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