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The Cycle of Life

August 3, 2019

Every occupation includes several aspects that aren’t as fun as others. This week was one of these as I officiated at two funerals for people in our community. I agree to these when I can as it is a way to offer hope to people who are searching for answers and encouragement. When the heart is heavy with grief, the good news of God’s Love demonstrated in Jesus’ can seem as refreshing as ice cold water on a hot summer day. The stories I have heard from distraught family have made me smile while others have made me reevaluate the memories my life will leave. 

Death leaves a hole in our soul that never completely heals. I have talked with people who are convinced that something is wrong with them because they can’t get over the loss of a person close to them. There is quite a spectrum of grief but a heart that misses a loved one must not be regarded as defective. I grow concerned when a mourner tries to forget or reframe memories so they don’t have to deal with the missing parts that death has claimed. Even though death awaits each of us, we are rarely ready for the aftermath when it happens in our circle.

Paul understands and addresses this hopelessness in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14. Know the pain of loss isn’t a unique experience to you. From the beginning, death has brought with it angst and sorrow. Into this despair Paul interjects the idea of hope – exactly what the doctor ordered. Our hope is based on what Jesus has done for us (v. 14a) and what He will do in the future (v. 14b). These are some great promises for those who put their life in Jesus and is where we find comfort. Commit to processing your grief through the hope that Jesus brings. When you do you’ll never regret it. 

Pastor Dave

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