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“Who’s Ready to move on?”

January 5, 2020

“Who’s ready to move on?”

There is a debate that happens this time of year in regards to the end of the Christmas season. It’s evident if you drive around town and notice the discarded Christmas Trees set out for the ride to the Muscatine Recycling Center. The argument is centered on how long to leave Christmas decor set up in the house. Some are determined to get the tree down and decorations put away the day after Christmas while others hold onto the Christmas finery until well after the start of the new year. 

If you are in the latter group you will like this column. January 6th is known on the Christian calendar as “Epiphany” and in some regards it is the conclusion of the Christmas Holiday. It is supposed to coincide to when the Magi show up and lavish expensive gifts on the newborn King. There is also a tie to the well rehearsed Christmas song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” If you are literal in your celebration, the Christmas “Holiday” begins on December 25 – the day we observe as The Lord’s Birth. The time before that is know as “Advent” or the expected coming of Messiah. So if you took your tree down before January 6th, you were a little early. 

Let the Magi capture your attention for a minute. Here are some men from afar to whom God chose to reveal the Birth of His Son. These non-Hebrews were the first fulfillment of the angelic announcement in verse Luke 2:10 – A promise of blessing to the entire world. If you are like me and are void of any traceable Jewish DNA, we find a commonality with the Magi. God shows us the hope of redemption in Jesus. And although we don’t know what happened after the wise men leave the manger, their stories are never the same. Friend if you have met Jesus personally, your story will never be the same either. Embrace the hope found in Christmas even in January. When you do, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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