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“Will it ever end?”

April 20, 2018


This thought has crossed your mind in the last week or two. With snow showing up a couple of times in the last few days, many are asking this question in regards to the winter of 2018. Those nice spring days that make up for a long dark winter seem as resistant to show their face as the daffodils which are usually quite plentiful this time of year. A school district a little bit north of Muscatine was forced to take a snow day on Wednesday. What, a snow day on April 18th?!? There are only like 6 weeks before school lets out for summer break. 

But how many times do we use that same frustration with other things? Times when the issues of life seem to hang on. If you’ve recently had the flu, you’ve asked “will it ever end”. A  despair deep in our hearts leads us to wonder “Will it ever end”. Other instances such as The Terrible Twos, the sting of a broken heart,  and the loss of a loved one all beckon us to this sense of helplessness. 

Take hope that even in the midst of a winter not in a hurry to say goodbye, God’s blessings never end. It is a long settled fact that appreciation cures a heart stuck in despair. Consider the manna the Israelites were blessed with in the wilderness (Exodus 16). This “bread” miraculously appeared each morning like dew and was abundant enough for the nation to harvest it and eat it. If you were hungry and homeless, one would hope that your soul would be appreciative. (Note that Exodus 16:35 shows the faithfulness of God.) There is a definite contrast between a proper response and the words found in Numbers 11:4-6. It’s very evident how much change a heart centered on appreciation would have brought to the people. When you find yourself wondering “Will it ever end”, ask God to give you an appreciation for what He is doing in your life, in the church, or in this community. When you substitute appreciation for despair, you’ll never regret it.

Pastor Dave

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