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The Wait

July 7, 2019

“The Wait” This will be the last in my series on the life lessons learned from a recent visit to a glass blowing studio in the Quad Cities. The process of taking molten glass and making a masterpiece out of it has striking similarities to the process our lives go through as we mature. What I have left from this is a great souvenir on the credenza in my office. Feel free to stop by sometime and see the glass bowl that has elicited these stories. I wasn’t prepared for the end of the evening. When all the work was... View Article

I See it Now

June 23, 2019

“I see it now” My appreciation of glass and pottery has increased since spending time in studios dedicated to these respective crafts. Sometimes functionality overwhelms the beauty and we don’t consider the skill and workmanship required to produce a vessel that is so useful. Holding a glass bowl that is perfectly balanced and fired has a sensory appeal that few things can match. But understanding the multitude of steps required to arrive at this place of visual and artistic perfection brings a level of appreciation.  When we began the process of transforming molten glass into controlled beauty we had to... View Article

Something So Insignificant

June 9, 2019

“Something so insignificant” Today we return to our regular scheduled programming and continue our series in life lessons from the furnace. To catch you up to speed, Susie purchased a “date night” gift for me as a Christmas present in the form of a class at a glass blowing studio in Davenport. After my brief foray as a pottery prodigy, I wanted to develop my skill as an artist and leave my mark on the field of glass art. I was amazed at how many life lessons can be learned or reinforced through this process.  The molten glass rests comfortably... View Article

“Ready or Not…”

April 11, 2019

“Ready or Not…” So goes the caution for one of childhood’s greatest memories. The seeker would call these words out so you had some sense of warning but was also broadcasting that there was little concern for your preparation in hiding. But if you were the one trying to remain unseen, it was a reminder to slow your breathing, control your laughter, and steel your nerves so you wouldn’t be “it” next time. (Don’t you find it interesting that hide and seek isn’t near as much fun when you get older and the “hiders” include your car keys, glasses, or... View Article

“It gives life meaning”

May 11, 2018

  One of my professors in seminary would assign movie critiques and reviews as a way of requiring theology students to interact with modern culture. When this was discussed as we went through the course syllabus, I was excited that I could watch a movie, write a report, and get graduate level credit. My excitement was tempered when the grading rubric required real interaction with differing world views and biases presented in the film. To this day I struggle to just relax and enjoy a movie. I usually get hung up on a statement or a situation that requires me... View Article

“Things that make you wonder”

May 4, 2018

  It’s been almost a week now and I still shake my head in disbelief and amazement. A quick run to the grocery store yielded a comical story that I will have to put away in the “I’ll never know what was going on” file. The compact four-door car ahead of my wife and I at the stop sign had the rear passenger side door open. There are many reasonable guesses as to why this would be and I didn’t think about it much – until the car proceeded to turn left. The rear door swung all the way open... View Article

It makes you appreciate it

April 27, 2018

        Finally, the weather every Iowan banks on has arrived. This past week had some perfect days with highs around 70, lows in the 40’s, and ample sun each day. These days, both fall and spring, are what make Iowa living grand. I was remarking to a couple this week that these days overwhelm the winter time blues and we feel like some of the most fortunate people on earth.  As you appreciate the glorious weather, take a few minutes to reflect on spiritual matters. Remember those times God’s Word spoke directly to the issue you were... View Article

“Will it ever end?”

April 20, 2018

  This thought has crossed your mind in the last week or two. With snow showing up a couple of times in the last few days, many are asking this question in regards to the winter of 2018. Those nice spring days that make up for a long dark winter seem as resistant to show their face as the daffodils which are usually quite plentiful this time of year. A school district a little bit north of Muscatine was forced to take a snow day on Wednesday. What, a snow day on April 18th?!? There are only like 6 weeks... View Article

Drinking Deeply

April 6, 2018

  As in many rural areas of the Midwest, showing livestock at the county fair was a sort of “coming of age” activity in Schuyler County Illinois. My brothers and I showed cattle in several dairy/beef classes and I have fond memories of those days. The anticipation, crowded wash racks, grooming, hoof polish, and show halters all contributed to great days at the fair. And the nights spent sleeping in the barns with feet propped up on the show box are legend in themselves.  One of my favorite memories is an unusual one. When I was showing crossbred market calves,... View Article

What’s your destination

March 30, 2018

  My family recently got away for a couple of days during spring break. We enjoy picking a destination, renting a room, and exploring the unique touches located there. This has led us to find several out of the way spots offering unique perspective and food. (If you are looking for a great bakery in Indianapolis, feel free to ask Will or Lauren. They can recommend the one we stumbled upon a couple of years ago.) Our spring break trip this year was to Milwaukee. We spent time at the art museum, had a fascinating visit at the Basilica of... View Article