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“Who’s Ready to move on?”

January 5, 2020

“Who’s ready to move on?” There is a debate that happens this time of year in regards to the end of the Christmas season. It’s evident if you drive around town and notice the discarded Christmas Trees set out for the ride to the Muscatine Recycling Center. The argument is centered on how long to leave Christmas decor set up in the house. Some are determined to get the tree down and decorations put away the day after Christmas while others hold onto the Christmas finery until well after the start of the new year.  If you are in the... View Article

I can’t wait

September 6, 2019

I just can’t wait I recently heard a young lady telling her friends she just “couldn’t wait for fall to get here.” The things you anticipate about fall might reveal just how old you really are. For me, and probably most of you, the highlights include: changing leaves, campfires, college football, and the sound of a quiet air conditioner unit. But for younger generations the anticipation of fall includes: cute flannel shirts, great leather boots, fuzzy sweatshirts, and pumpkin spice lattes.   Even if fall isn’t your thing there are probably times in your life that you’ve expressed this type... View Article

Beauty in Duress

September 1, 2019

Beauty in duress There’s an often repeated statement that encourages one to, “Stop and smell the roses.” It rarely is taken literally as you most often hear this when there aren’t any roses around. The reminder is an easy way to encourage a deliberate appreciation of your immediate surroundings. It’s a great reminder to slow down and consider life.  I wasn’t ready for this reminder to grab my attention the way it did last week. As I was driving my eyes spotted a beautiful flowering plant right on the side of the road – by side of the road, I... View Article

What happened to the Shooting Stars?

August 16, 2019

Last week was kind of a big deal for those who like to watch the sky – it was the zenith of the annual Perseids Meteor Shower. Some estimates place the streaking meteors at over sixty per hour. Muscatine is in a good location to enjoy the show with lots of rural area not far from town. One of the biggest downfalls for many would be watchers has to do with what time is best for viewing, usually in the early morning hours for the highest concentration. Not many people want to set an alarm for 3 am to get... View Article

“I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff…”

August 11, 2019

The friendly weatherman boldly predicted that an intense line of rain and wind was expected to hit in the early morning hours of Tuesday – and like clockwork the storm arrived with enough wind, lightning, and thunder to roust almost everyone. As I waited the storm out I wondered if this was how the three little pigs felt when the faced some intense “huffing and puffing.” It was a great time when the storm subsided and the house was still standing.     This offers us a chance to consider how ready we are to handle some significant personal storms. Even... View Article

The Cycle of Life

August 3, 2019

Every occupation includes several aspects that aren’t as fun as others. This week was one of these as I officiated at two funerals for people in our community. I agree to these when I can as it is a way to offer hope to people who are searching for answers and encouragement. When the heart is heavy with grief, the good news of God’s Love demonstrated in Jesus’ can seem as refreshing as ice cold water on a hot summer day. The stories I have heard from distraught family have made me smile while others have made me reevaluate the... View Article

On Bell Bottoms

July 14, 2019

“On Bell Bottoms” In my growing up years few fashion items carried as much disdain as “Bell Bottoms.” For some I don’t need to explain this fashion trend (aka disaster) because a many of you wore these with great exuberance. But for the younger set, bell bottoms were a pant mostly popular in the 1960’s and required a flared leg – the more flared the better. Unfortunately this style reappeared in the last few years but with a new name , flared jeans, but the similarity to the fashion of 50 years ago is unmistakable.  The changing of fashion is... View Article

The Wait

July 7, 2019

“The Wait” This will be the last in my series on the life lessons learned from a recent visit to a glass blowing studio in the Quad Cities. The process of taking molten glass and making a masterpiece out of it has striking similarities to the process our lives go through as we mature. What I have left from this is a great souvenir on the credenza in my office. Feel free to stop by sometime and see the glass bowl that has elicited these stories. I wasn’t prepared for the end of the evening. When all the work was... View Article

I See it Now

June 23, 2019

“I see it now” My appreciation of glass and pottery has increased since spending time in studios dedicated to these respective crafts. Sometimes functionality overwhelms the beauty and we don’t consider the skill and workmanship required to produce a vessel that is so useful. Holding a glass bowl that is perfectly balanced and fired has a sensory appeal that few things can match. But understanding the multitude of steps required to arrive at this place of visual and artistic perfection brings a level of appreciation.  When we began the process of transforming molten glass into controlled beauty we had to... View Article

Something So Insignificant

June 9, 2019

“Something so insignificant” Today we return to our regular scheduled programming and continue our series in life lessons from the furnace. To catch you up to speed, Susie purchased a “date night” gift for me as a Christmas present in the form of a class at a glass blowing studio in Davenport. After my brief foray as a pottery prodigy, I wanted to develop my skill as an artist and leave my mark on the field of glass art. I was amazed at how many life lessons can be learned or reinforced through this process.  The molten glass rests comfortably... View Article